Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Day 796

Day 796...

And we have had a Tuesday and we have had a full day in work.

This was the first working day of my last week at pre-school. The morning was spent taking one of my team through the process for claiming the government issued funding. And the afternoon was chance for myself and my deputy to catch up, go over a few outstanding items and make sure that we are as up to date with everything as we can be.

I will still be involved with the pre-school in my capacity as committee chairperson and I have the task ahead of converting the pre-school into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, but the day-to-day operation and management will no longer be mine!

We had the lovely Jon visit from our local Asda this morning. Jon is their community champion and comes out to visit the pre-school when he can, he runs activities with the children and supports us with our fundraisers. He very kindly brought me some flowers and my favourite chocolate...

I arrived home late afternoon to a freshly brewed coffee and before I knew it it was time to head down 'our gym'. Simon has been keeping a tally of how often we have worked out since we set up the gym during the very first lockdown...we have hit workout 200 today!

So I think it's time to put up our feet and I'll see you tomorrow.

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