Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Day 776

Day 776...

So after the bank holiday weekend it was back to work today and in a change of plan I was actually in work as opposed to working from home.

My day was mainly filled with looking at cash flow forecasts, re-checking and updating figures as these are often an ever changing entity! Next week we have our AGM meeting so we need all the finances to be as up to date as possible. We will also be looking at what we call our 'long term plan' which is basically just planning out the next academic year and so cash flow forecasts form an integral part.

In fact once home, and in a quieter environment, I decided to take the time to re-work some of my figures, almost as a double check to make sure that I was being as accurate as I possibly could. And with that out the way I decided to put a few jigsaw pieces into place and actually managed to complete it!

After Simon had finished work for the day we headed down 'our gym' for a weights workout.

And now I better stop as I have some tweets to set for the Disney Dream Girls podcast I co-host as we have a special episode airing tomorrow as it will be Star Wars Day...May the Fourth Be With You!

See you tomorrow.

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