Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Day 797

Day 797...

The middle of the week and as I am typing this rather late in the day I think this will be a quick post.

My morning was spent in work and I was able to put my skills to good use and create a couple of posters for upcoming events as well as construct an email regarding some grant funding. I was also able to go over the forthcoming academic year's long term plan with my deputy. This is where we layout all the various events, special occasions, fundraisers and key dates for the year ahead which we then use as the basis for our planning. My deputy had already completed a good chunk of it and it was simply chance for me to go over it with my 'manager head' on to make sure nothing had been missed.

On my way home I had a quick stop by my local Lidl to get stocked up on a few essentials, as well as a few treats for my last day in work on Friday.

Back home and after a catch-up and a coffee with Simon I had a few of my own emails to deal with, a payment to make and some spreadsheets to update. But with that done I was off to see my fabulous hairdresser Kim who worked her magic, as always, and has updated my hair with a pink-ish twist...

And it was then home to cook dinner and put my feet up!

See you tomorrow.

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