Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Day 804

Day 804...

And we have reached the middle of the working week and what is the last working day for Simon and Ethan as we have an extra long bank holiday weekend ahead of us as the country celebrates the Queens jubilee.

But our day started very much like yesterday with an early morning walk. We took a hillier, and slightly shorter route this morning completing 1.9 miles in 38 minutes and according to my fitness tracker that equated to 34 minutes of fat burning!

My morning was spent at my dads house as I continued with the job of categorising all the bits and pieces that we need to find new homes for. I've taken lots of photos so that I have a pretty comprehensive record of what we have. There is everything from glass paperweights, to crockery sets, china collectibles, old board games, books and even some cigarette cards from the 1930's!

I made sure I was home for when Simon broke for lunch which is now our 'breakfast'...and I have to say that neither of us has found it difficult missing the usual breakfast time slot and deferring it till lunchtime. Intermittent fasting so far is pretty okay.

I'd hoped that this afternoon would have been a mixture of indoors and outdoors but the weather had different ideas. After a glorious start to the day (we walked in sunshine in t-shirts) it had turned rather grey and rained off and on for the afternoon. So I spent my time at the laptop googling some of the items that I'd found at my dads to see what they were and what best to do with them.

It was fascinating to discover all the old cigarette cards which must have belonged to my grandad and even more amazing was that they were stored in an old 'Cadburys's Selection Box' which dates back to the 1960's and doubled as a board game! 

The day was rounded out with a gym workout; I decided to complete some planks and floor exercises indoors before joining Simon out in the gym to lift some weights around. Pretty happy that I managed a full plank for 1 minute and side planks for about 35 seconds each.

See you all tomorrow.

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