Friday, 6 May 2022

Day 779

Day 779...

Well this is going to be a very short and quick post as it is rather late in the day to be writing this.

But suffice to say it was another full day in work as I provided cover for a member of staff who is off at the moment whilst also assisting our new admin clerk as she takes over some of my tasks.

On the way home I dropped by to see one of my best friends as today was her birthday. A quick chance to say hello, drop off a pressie and have a little catch-up with her and her hubby.

Arriving home it was time to grab a coffee and set-up my laptop for podcast recording. Michelle and I spent about 45 minutes catching up and recording a Disney Dream Girls show ready for release this weekend where we chatted about the Disney Cruise Line and restaurants at Disneyland Paris.

And then after a dinner of keto pizza my brother dropped by to go over some papers in connection with my dads estate. We are finally able to get things moving with winding things up and moving forward.

And with that I will see you tomorrow.

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