Monday, 9 May 2022

Day goodbye

Day 782...

Well the start of the working week and our usual Monday 'off' but it was not a normal Monday for us.

The day started off as normal and the morning was spent wrapping presents for a couple of upcoming birthdays, organising the posting of some of the aforementioned pressies, finishing off a letter to the solicitors, buying some new pillows and placing an order with our online butchers of choice!

My brother, Glen, and his wife then arrived and we all jumped in his car to head over to our local crematorium as today was the day we were to scatter my dad's ashes. The only stipulation that my dad had left with us was for him to be scattered in the 'garden of remembrance' which were the same wishes as laid out in my mum's will. 

Glen had collected my dad's ashes following his cremation last week and today was the final part in saying goodbye to him. The crematorium were able to tell us where our mum had been scattered seven years ago so that we could scatter my dad in the same place. The staff were lovely and transferred my dad's ashes into a nicer, and easier to handle, receptacle. We were then left to scatter them as we saw fit. I let Glen do the scattering and we walked the length of the designated area and spoke about my dad, and my mum, and said our goodbyes. It was much more emotional than I think I had anticipated for all of us; tears and hugs all round.

My dad will now be with the love of his life; he had missed my mum terribly over the past seven years and had never really gotten over her passing. They had been together since their late teenage years and my dad had struggled to function without her there by his side. We can only take solace in the fact that they are together once more.

We then took the time to enjoy a coffee and cake at a local cafe before heading home. Glen and I had some paperwork to go over and collate and later I was able to stop by the solicitors office with it all so hopefully we can make progress with sorting out my dad's estate. With that done and my parcel posted it was back home for the remainder of the day.

It has been an odd sort of day and much more emotional than I'd been anticipating. The last few weeks have at times been a whirlwind and I think I underestimate how much this has all been affecting me. An we still have the outcome of the coroners inquest to deal with but that will be a few months away yet.

So Monday done and I'll see you tomorrow,

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