Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Day 789

Day 789...

And today was Tuesday; it was a full day in work for what should be my only day actually 'in work' this week.

I am now fast approaching my last working day at pre-school and so for the remainder of this week I will be working from home as I attempt to update contact information and addresses and the like.

Although I won't be leaving pre-school completely as I will be on a retainer until the end of July should they need me, as well as taking over the role of chairperson of our committee. As a registered charity we are governed by a committee of trustees and so I will keep that connection with the pre-school through being chairperson.

After work I had a quick stop at home to drop off my laptop and work bag before heading into Derby for a beauty appointment. Before I knew it I was back home and it was time for a coffee and a sit down before heading down 'our gym' for a weights workout.

And that was Tuesday...see you tomorrow.

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