Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Day 783

Day 783...

Tuesday and a pretty standard and uneventful Tuesday at that.

It was another full day in work for me as I continued to provide cover for another member of staff who was off work. It was pretty standard stuff as I dealt with parent questions, kept on top of paperwork and emails and helped our new admin clerk with a few tasks.

Arriving home to a freshly brewed coffee I took a few minutes to sit outside in the sunshine, soak up some vitamin D and recharge my batteries.

I then spent way longer than I would have liked researching home insurance policies as we need to make sure that the insurance for my dads house continues until we are able to sell it, and it's at a reasonable expense! My brother has booked a skip for the next couple of weekends so that we can make a start on clearing the house of all the no longer needed, or wanted, stuff.

We finished the day with our usual Tuesday evening workout at our gym; more moving of weights. Ideally I'd like to be doing more and in a more varied way. I used to complete a set of body weight exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups etc) every day and have fallen out of the habit so perhaps my impending 'retirement' from work will help me get back in the habit! I am hoping that with a little more 'head space' I can re-evaluate what I want to be getting out of life and how I can incorporate that.

See you tomorrow.

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