Thursday, 19 May 2022

Day 791

Day 791...

Another day working from home, although my first job this morning was to nip out to our local Lidl for a quick top-up shop before the day got too busy.

But once home my working day was all about updating contact information; emailing, completing online forms and just figuring out who exactly I needed to contact. A few emails are now awaiting replies but I was pretty happy with all that I managed to get completed today. 

I was also able to do a little work in my new capacity as committee chairperson. The committee is a vital component of pre-school as it is a registered charity and cannot function without one. I have decided to remain connected with the pre-school via this voluntary position and today I had a couple of emails to issue to my other committee members.

At lunchtime we walked out over the fields and completed a steady two miles in 38 minutes. It was a gorgeous day filled with sunshine and warmth. This afternoon I was able to indulge in a coffee outside while I topped up my vitamin D supplies!

The day was rounded out with a weights workout down 'our gym' although I wasn't feeling the greatest but I did manage most of my workout although it wasn't one of my better sessions.

But onwards and upwards and I will see you tomorrow.

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