Friday, 20 May 2022

Day 792

Day 792...

Ah the end of the working week for this household.

My day was another spent at the laptop updating contact information for pre-school ahead of my impending departure this time next week. I've also had the chance to go through all of the documents that I have created over the years...the last 12 years as manager...and decide which can now be deleted. I will admit to having a habit of keeping hold of stuff 'just in case', although this has worked in my favour when wanting to go back in time and figure out events or how we handled something. But today was a day of having a cathartic clear out.

Despite the grey clouds and a few spots of rain we were still able to get out for our lunchtime walk managing yet again a couple of miles in around 39 minutes. 

The afternoon saw glimpses of sunshine but in the main it started grey and a little chillier than of late. I chanced sitting outside with a coffee later on and managed only a few minutes before the rain started...although  a couple of minutes after coming inside it stopped - typical!

And while Simon completed some zone two training on the exercise bike I wrote this blog ahead of making keto pizza.

We have a busy Saturday ahead of us so I will stop typing and see you tomorrow.

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