Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Day 790

Day 790...

We have had a very pleasant, sunny and warm Wednesday and one that I have spent working from home.

My focus today, as it will be for the remainder of the week, has been to update as many pre-school contacts as possible about my upcoming departure and whom their new contact will be. Because we are registered with a number of governing bodies there are a number of official forms and procedures that are needed to be completed and followed. All smooth sailing so far!

At lunchtime Simon and I headed out for a walk over the fields managing two miles in 42 minutes and according to my new fitness tracker 23 minutes of that was fat burning!! 

Later on this afternoon I was able to hook up online with my podcast buddy Michelle as we recorded a Disney Dream Girls show ready for release this coming Sunday. A lovely hour or so to chat all things Disney and dream about expensive VIP tours, re-opening of attractions and special events.

And while Simon jumped on the exercise bike I made use of my time by writing this blog and cooking a lovely keto shepherds pie.

See you tomorrow.

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