Sunday, 15 May 2022

Day 787

Day 787...

Sunday has been a more restful and calm day compared to the last couple of days.

After a relaxed breakfast we headed off to collect the weekly grocery shopping as is the norm for a Sunday morning. Molly and Dan also headed out to fill their car with diesel as well as buy a birthday pressie for a friend...a rather large gnome that resembles the queen!!

We then paid a visit to my dads house where my brother and his wife were busy clearing through. A skip had arrived on Friday and they had spent most of yesterday filling it; carpets that needed to be removed, an old bed that had to be disassembled, old bits of furniture and all manner of odds and sods. The house is beginning to get clear but there is still a long way to go and we have the difficult task of deciding what can be thrown away, what might be useful to keep, any sentimental items, what may be worthy of a charity shop donation along with those items that will probably need to go to auction as they are too good to just 'throw out'.

Molly wanted to have another look around and see if there was anything else that she wanted to take away with her and she was able to grab a few items that her and Dan can make use of. We still have some missing pieces of jewellery to locate and I am fearful that these will never be found; a complete mystery as to where they have gone as they are pieces that we are all convinced my dad wore pretty much all the time. Molly was desperate to have one of his bracelets that we have not yet found but we have said that we could perhaps have a necklace of his converted into a bracelet for her instead. She was so close to her Grandad and I know she just wants something that was 'part of him' to have with her to remember him by.

Before we knew it it was early afternoon and it was time for Molly and Dan to make their three hour journey home. We took a much shorter journey to our favourite Starbucks for an afternoon coffee and to make use of the adjacent jet wash and give the car a clean!

And with a quiet afternoon I decided to take a little time to write todays blog post and to go through a few more photos that I'd scanned a while ago but hadn't had the chance to update on the laptop. With all that has happened the last few weeks my little project of scanning and storing old photos has had to take a bit of a back seat.

So yes, a productive, but much more relaxed day. See you all tomorrow.

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