Sunday, 9 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Day 9

9th December

So here's the second post about spending my birthday at WDW, back in 2004.

I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered that a Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party was being held at the Magic Kingdom on my birthday, so I just had to get tickets - what a more perfect way to spend my birthday than to be at the Magic Kingdom, with my parents, Simon and both children and a special ticket event.  I was one very happy birthday girl!

I remember having to dress a little warmer than usual for a Florida holiday, as the evening was a little chilly.  But off we went, with our special wrist bands, all set for a fun filled evening.  My three year old daughter even wore her newly purchased Minnie Mouse outfit for the occasion.  Simon then found a Jack Skellington Santa hat and we had great fun buying it from the House of Treasure shop next to the Pirates of the Caribbean.

We enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate and saw the most amazing Christmas seemed to go on forever.  But the best bit, and probably the most memorable part of our whole vacation, happened when we were walking down Main Street on our way out of the park.

A cast member stopped us, now the cast member wasn't in character, she was simply one of the staff responsible for putting out the rope for the parade and keeping the area litter free.  But she stopped us or more specifically she stopped our daughter greeting her with a big 'Hello Minnie, I've been looking for you all day!'.  She then preceded to make the biggest fuss of our daughter, treating her as though she was Minnie even asking her for her autograph...pulling out an autograph book from her utility belt.

The moment was truly magical and made all of our day, and it is moments like this that make Disney so special, that encapsulates what makes Disney stand out from the crowd, what makes us go back time and time again.

Thank you Disney for all the memories you make for us every time we visit xx

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