Thursday, 6 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Day 6

6th December

The good thing about working at a pre-school at this time of year is that we have had our decorations up for a couple of weeks now, we are starting our preparations for our Christmas concert and we have the children's Christmas party to look forward to at the end of term so there is no excuse for not getting into the Christmas spirit.  Although I think by the time we reach our concert we will have about exhausted our Christmas song repertoire ;)

But even if I didn't have all this 'Christmasness' around me I always find away to bring a little holiday spirit with me, wherever I am, through a little collection of Christmas jewellery.

And of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't have a couple of Disney themed pieces..

Brooch and earrings bought in WDW - wish I had more...oh well I'll just have to go back again!!

Disney pins from WDW and Disneyland Paris.

So not only do I get to have a bit of Christmas with me everyday, I also get a bit of Disney too - that's a win I think!

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