Friday, 21 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Day 21

21st December

So today was my last day at work before Christmas, and the bonus of working in education is that I now have two weeks off to spend with family and friends.

However as we are now on the final countdown to the big day I find myself running around trying to get all manner of things done.  Now I have to admit in years gone by I would be racing around supermarkets with trolleys full of stuff, and then waiting till Christmas Eve to go and buy all the fresh ingredients because that made all the difference (why I don't know!) but over the years I have mellowed.

The advent of online shopping and home delivery from supermarkets has transformed the way I now shop, but tonight we decided to brave our local ASDA (or for my American friends Walmart!) and get those last minute nibbles and fresh veggies.

The advantage of actually going into a store to shop, rather than sat at my laptop, meant I had all these temptations right in front of me, I felt the urge to buy things just because I could, and 'just in case we need it' or 'we don't want to run out' - why do we feel the need to buy food in excess when it comes to Christmas, it's like we're expecting the apocalypse or something!! (see what I did there?  Topical joke!)

But there was one impulse buy I just couldn't resist...and it's Disney of course :)

Well, a girl has to treat herself every now and then :)

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