Monday, 10 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Day 10

10th December

So as yesterday's post was about reminiscing I thought I would continue the theme and talk about our visit to WDW at Christmas.

So back in 2004 we were able to make the trip to WDW during the first couple of weeks of December.  Now the plan had never been to visit specifically at Christmas, it was all to do with money and the ability to take children on vacation during school time.  Our youngest at the time was only at pre-school and our eldest  was in his third year of primary school, and whilst we'd always prefer not to take the children out of school for vacations, we weighed up all the pros and cons and decided that taking them out for 2 weeks at that time of year would not affect them adversely.  Plus taking two weeks vacation during the early part of December was a whole lot cheaper than going during school holidays!!

Once we had the holiday booked it suddenly dawned on me that all the parks would be ready for the holiday I love Christmas so the chance to combine both Disney and Christmas was a complete joy.  Then when I realised that I would be spending my birthday in Disney and found out that there was a Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party on my birthday (see Day 9 post) I was one very happy lady.

So we left a very cold UK and spent two weeks in a beautifully warm WDW.  Although the evenings did tend to get a bit chilly which resulted in all of us buying fleeces at Mouse Gear at Epcot one evening (any excuse!!).

So we enjoyed two weeks of seasonal themed fun and laughter.  From the amazing decorations all round the resort (All Star Movies) and the parks to the special shows and parades we had an absolute blast.  Plus the crowds during early December were really low numbered and we found ourselves able to walk straight onto a lot of rides and attractions often making repeat visits!!  And although listening to Christmas music when the temperature was in the mid -high 70's did take a little getting used to, I definitely 'warmed' to the idea of spending Christmas in a sunnier and warmer climate!

So whilst I can imagine to visit WDW at Christmas can be somewhat busy I can't recommend highly enough taking a visit just before - all the fun and festivites but without the crowds, fantastic.

Downtown Disney Marketplace

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