Sunday, 16 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Day 16

16th December

So today sees the remainder of my Christmas decorations going up.  Now I already have twinkly lights in my garden, a trio of light up figures on my patio (Santa, Snowman & Penguin), a tree in my kitchen, a tree in my hallway, wreath on the door, a few faux boughs of greenery, ornaments a plenty and tinsel hanging from numerous places but today is the day that we put up the real tree in the living room.

Now this tree is a bit special, because this is my Disney tree.  I already have a light-up Pooh Bear Hundred Acre Wood display, and a Tigger tree topper that's just too heavy for the top of a tree, there's a couple of Jingle Smells Vinylmations on  the cupboard and a glitter ball set of Mickey ears hanging off a curtain pole but there is still more to come!

My first proper Disney tree ornaments were a present from Simon, who brought back a handful of decorations from a work trip to San Francisco back in 1992, I even have the original boxes they came in and each year they get carefully packed away in their correct boxes.  But since then the collection has just grown and grown, and each trip to a Disney park wouldn't be complete if we didn't bring home a new edition or three to our collection!

A few of our Mickey decorations!
But it looks like my attempts to get the tree decorated today are to be thwarted...a combination of a weekend away and our youngest having her first music performance has meant that the hours have just disappeared.  So tomorrow (hopefully) will see my tree completed, with an appropriate blog post and photos to follow :)

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