Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Day 12

12th December

As we've been talking Disney parks in the last couple of posts I thought I'd keep the theme going.

Even in the height of Summer you can still experience a little bit of Christmas at WDW.  The first way, and probably the most obvious, is shopping.  So not only do I get to combine my love of Disney with Christmas but then I get to shop too - what more could a girl want?!!

Now there are Christmas shops at the Magic Kingdom, Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, and at Disney's Hollywood Studios, It's a Wonderful Shop, but probably the best and definitely the biggest is at Downtown Disney's Marketplace, Disney's Days of Christmas.  It takes a great deal of self control (and luggage allowance) not to come home with lots of decorations and ornaments!!

Outside It's a Wonderful Shop, Disney's Hollywood Studios, 2011
The other way to experience a little seasonal fun at any time of year is with themed miniature golf! Over at Blizzard Beach you can play miniature golf at Disney's Winter Summerland, where Santa and his elves have taken a vacation.

And nothing says Christmas more than miniature golf in the Florida heat with carols playing in the background!!  Just gotta love it :)

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