Sunday, 16 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Day 15

15th December

So the observant amongst you will notice that despite this post being titled Day 15 it is actually being published on Day 16!  So first I shall apologise for being a day late and then I think my post will explain why.

Christmas is always a time for family and friends, a good excuse to get together with those we love and care about, and this weekend for us has been no exception.

Through the common interest of all things Disney we have over the last couple of years, and especially this last year, begun to find other liked minded individuals through the medium of the internet.  By following podcasts like WDW Radio or The Minnie Minxes we have been introduced to a 'whole new world' of all things Disney, and subsequently along the way have made new friends.

So this weekend has been spent with one of the hosts of the The Minnie Minxes, Michelle, and other Disney obsessed people and we even managed to connect with long time friend Emma by the power of Skype!

And at the same time our friends at WDW Radio were posting a blog all about 'My Best Disney Present Ever' and one from our friend Christy Viszoki, right at the bottom of the blog post, caught our eye - couldn't have said it any better Christy.

Disney and the spirit that it embodies brings about a kindness and warmth among people and ultimately new connections, friends and adventures.

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