Sunday, 2 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Day 1

As we approach that special time of year I thought I would try to write a post a day, an Advent blog if you will, and all with a hint of Disney!!

Now I know that as I type this isn't day 1 but I think the post will explain!

1st December

A Christmas wedding with a little Disney thrown in.  So today was the wedding of my good friend Julie to her lovely fella, Darren.  Theirs was a fairytale romance and I have never seen a happier couple, the wedding was beautiful and everything they had wanted it to be.  I have the good fortune to work with Julie and the topic of conversation this past year has been all about the wedding, the preparations, the planning, the organising and all the fine details, so to see it all turn out perfectly was wonderful, truly a day to remember.

But as all ladies know a wedding is a good excuse to get a new outfit and glam up a bit. So with the dress, shoes and handbag sorted my thoughts turned to jewellery.  After a lot of deliberating I decided to bring a bit of 'me' to the outfit and wear some of my Disney Couture Minnie Mawi jewellery, as well as something bought at WDW :)

Toasting the happy couple!!
Bracelet - WDW purchase, Ring & Earrings -Minnie Mawi

So we celebrated with food, drink and dancing into the wee hours hence why this post is technically a day late ;)

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