Sunday, 23 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Day 23

23rd December

Well my day today has been spent mainly in the kitchen.  I have made almond paste for my home-made Christmas cake (thanks Mum!  Would like to say I made the cake but alas no, and besides my Mum's cake is sooo good), a batch of mince pies and some apple sauce to go with pork on Christmas Day.

Mince Pies - kinda Hidden Mickey display!!

And just as I had the kitchen all clean and tidy I suddenly have both kids saying 'Muuuummmm....can we do some baking?'  How typical is that? Clean kitchen and my kids want to make it all messy again!  So we have come to a compromise; we are making the dough tonight to then chill over night (as per recipe) and then tomorrow we are making Mickey Gingerbread :)

Oh and also today I saw my best friend, who popped round for a 'Mickey-ccino'...
The Simes patented 'Mickey-ccino' - the only way to drink coffee :)
...and it was also an opportunity to exchange gifts...I just love the gift tag on my pressie!

Thanks Paula xx

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