Sunday, 22 March 2020

Day 4

Here we are Day 4 and it's Mothers Day here in the UK.

A lazy Sunday morning was how the day started, yummy keto breakfast, a good cup of coffee and some lovely and thoughtful gifts from my two children. I even got a message from Molly's boyfriend which I will confess brought me to tears. He is such a lovely guy and my heart goes out to him and Molly; he lives at the other end of the country so they can't be together at the moment and that just sucks big time.

Apparently the card was bought a few weeks ago...just seems rather appropriate at the moment! And look my favourite chocolates and a Disney jigsaw to keep me occupied.

We then had an impromptu chat over the garden fence with our neighbours (more than 2 metres apart!). I then tackled a few normal household tasks while Simon took his R2D2 outside to do some sanding, resulting in the two quotes of the day 'that was a good sanding session' and 'don't mind the wet droid in the bathroom' to which Molly responded 'only in this house would you hear something like that'!

We have set up a gym in our garage and Molly was on the hunt this morning to see if we still had a skipping rope...after searching through boxes we came up empty handed. So the benefit of having a prop maker in the house meant she was directed towards some blue cord rope and some white tubing to make handles but just as she was about to complete the job a neighbour gave her one that he'd got and never used! Have to confess there then followed a wipe down with anti-bacterial wipes and a hand wash!! Molly also received the official word from her employer (a well known national shoe shop!) that they were closing there doors as from the end of business today - phew, much relief all round!

It has been a beautiful, sunny, clear skies day here today and so Simon and I took a stroll out into the countryside next to where we live. We are so fortunate that we can do this, and at this time we are truly appreciative of where we live. We have all seen on the news and social media large numbers of people out and about at parks, historic houses and beach fronts clearly not observing social distancing and it truly boggles my mind. The message is clear...stay at home as much as possible and if you do go out keep 2 metres apart from anyone this and you might just save someone's life!

Simon and I ended up having a much longer walk than we expected and I'm ashamed to say discovered pathways that I have never walked before in all the time that we have lived here.

We saw some beautiful countryside, and we could see for miles and we even encountered some Alpacas!

We did see a few others out and about for walks with their families and dogs but I did remark on something. You know how when you're out and about in a bustling city centre and it seems to be only you that looks where you're going and then moves out of peoples way? Well let's compare that to social distancing shall we...and remember Simon and I were walking the public footpaths and bridleways of England which run through open why was it that only Simon and I found ourselves putting distance between us and others! I had a runner go past us at one point when we were back on the main road and I swear blind had I took a step to my left I would have tripped him up!

I have been inspired today by the number of posts on social media shouting out that we all need to stay at home as much as possible, to keep our distance and expressing disbelief at all those out there that think social distancing means going to a public park and mingling with every Tom, Dick or Harry! They are proper Dick's!!

So let's all pull together, recognise that we need to do this for the good of all and for once lets do as we are told. Stay at home, practice social distancing...I do not want anyone within 2 metres of me please...I am not being rude I am simply thinking of my health, your health, the tens of people we will both meet and perhaps the elderly person one of those people comes into contact with. Be brave, be a hero and conduct yourself with some common sense and common decency...please!

See you tomorrow xx

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