Monday, 30 March 2020

Day 12

Here we are on Day 12, the start of the working week.

I am very lucky to only work four days a week and Monday is my usual day off and like last week I am trying to stick to my routine of work days and non-work days.

Today has been an extremely lazy day. Simon has been sanding and filling his R2D2 model for most of the day and apart from sorting a few bits and bobs I have spent most of the day completing my jigsaw.

We took a walk out just after lunch and completed another couple of miles in about 50 minutes. It was quite a hilly walk today and thankfully the rain stayed away but it was a lot colder than of late. We still saw lots of people out and about; lots of dog walkers and an odd runner and yet again it was Simon and I that found ourselves walking off the path and into the ploughed fields to ensure that distance was kept.

My jigsaw is almost complete and it was only the failing light that meant I stopped today...although I did manage to get roped into Molly's online karate lesson to help her stretch!!

But that really is my day today...not a lot to report and that kind of sums up how I've been feeling. I had a pretty naff nights sleep a mixture of hot flushes (yes I am at that age!) and then a brain that wouldn't switch off. I think I am worrying (no I know I am!) about the food shopping that I will be collecting tomorrow; will I get everything that I've ordered? If I don't get things then I'm going to need to do a physical in-store shop and how is that going to work? I find myself feeling quite anxious about going out into the world and seeing others and having to maintain social distancing and then worrying about everything that I've touched.

Paranoia and anxiety are not good friends and I worry that these will start to define who I am; will they stay with me once all this is over with?; how will we all assimilate back into society when we get to the other side? Listening to the government briefings and hearing them acknowledge that this could go on for months and months in some shape or form is a very weird concept to get our heads around. I think it is going to be really interesting in years to come to look back at this and discover what actually happened and how it all unravelled and how it got to be as bad as it is now.

See you tomorrow

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