Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Day 6

Here we are on Day 6...

Today is really a work day for three of us; Simon already works from home so it's almost business as usual for him, Ethan has his second full day working from home and seems to be getting on ok and I decided to get up straight on some administration tasks for pre-school.

Highlight of this morning was being able to login to Disney+ for the first time in the UK.
Mickey cartoons at breakfast!
Although I've not had much chance to indulge yet Molly and me did have some fun assigning avatars to our profiles and then browsed the vast library of movies and shows. Although Simon is a bit disappointed that The Mandalorian has only a couple of episodes available and not the full series as yet. Molly is equally disappointed that High School Musical - the series has only the first episode available, although she has enjoyed watching The Suite Life of Zack & Cody!

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful and Simon and I took a walk out at lunch time to enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. I did comment that as the human race goes into lockdown nature seems to be revelling in the freedom it's being granted from all of us!

This afternoon I completed some more work but made sure to step outside for my coffee break to enjoy the sunshine, top-up my vitamin D levels and to just take 5 minutes.

 Although I do need to share this photo...on a beautiful, sunny, spring day this is the view I have of my shed...
Yes...this is where my Christmas decorations are stored
After my work was finished for the day I took advantage of the good natural daylight to start a new jigsaw; this was a Christmas present from Molly's boyfriend Dan...

As much as I could manage before the light faded today
I shared these photos on Instagram and Dan responded pretty much straight away which just made me well up inside and feel all the more for these two. They have a long distance relationship anyway, living 195 miles apart, which they are managing wonderfully and then this comes along and spoils all their plans. As a mum every ounce of me just wants to put my arms around them and make everything alright but I can't and that is a rubbish feeling.

These are strange times that we are living, that none of us could ever have anticipated and how we get through will make us stronger for it. We have to believe that by going through this we will come together better as a society and hopefully be better people for it. I just hope that those that still flaunt the lockdown soon realise just how important it is to just do as you are told for once in your life. Yes it's pretty bleak at the moment but the quicker we all act as one the quicker we will get through it and more importantly actions now may help avoid too many unnecessary deaths and support our health system that we should all be so proud of at the best of times not just now. Some of us maybe in the position to volunteer and offer their time or resources and some of us can still help by staying home and not adding to the problem. Whether you stay home, volunteer or are a key worker we are all part of the bigger picture of beating this thing as quickly as possible.


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