Thursday, 26 March 2020

Day 8

Day 8 and another bright and sunny day, if a little frosty first thing this morning.

Today has been a very quiet sort of day and has pretty much followed what is turning out to be our usual routine.

The morning was spent working; fielding emails and chasing emails as we now have to start thinking about the way forward with pre-school. How are we paying staff? What income will we have coming in over the next few weeks and months? What can we do to protect the pre-school and ensure it can re-open successfully after all this is over?

I have a great team of eight of us and we were all chatting this morning via WhatsApp; it is this team and the pre-school that I want to look out for at the moment, to ensure that we can return as strong as ever once all this is over.

I think I have the tendency to err on the side of caution and am just presuming that whatever it is that we are going through at the moment is going to go on for a fair few months if not longer. I'm not letting myself think too far ahead as I don't want to start making plans or dreaming about something for it to only get squashed.

We had tickets to go see a band called Boniface, tickets for The Gilded Merkin (burlesque show) and tickets to see Nick Offerman but all these have been cancelled or postponed. We should be going to a life drawing event called Dr Sketchy's in April and another burlesque show in May and I was supposed to be having some more Disney ink in April and all of these are either cancelled or moved. We won't even mention getting to the hairdresser...I might actually find out what my natural colour is!! We even have a hotel booked for July and I'm really not holding out much hope. I know people who have had to cancel weddings or not been able to attend funerals and I know friends who have plans over the coming months that may never come to pass. But I also know that in the grand scheme of things these are just 'stuff' and that we have to think of the bigger picture here; it's the ultimate short term pain long term gain.

Yesterday I was feeling quite anxious but today I have felt a lot calmer; I have had moments where my brain decides to go off on some random and usually bleak path but I have managed to either reign it back in or distract myself.

After our usual lunchtime walk I decided to tackle the ironing pile...I know this was very brave of me but there really was no excuse not to get it sorted - LOL! I got to see my good friend and fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle this afternoon by the way of Facebook Live and tomorrow I think I shall do my own bit of 'going live'! I even got a little progress made with my current jigsaw.

So that's day 8, another day of staying home and getting used to a new way of living,


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