Sunday, 29 March 2020

Day 11

Day 11 and we have a lazy Sunday.

We have now entered British Summer Time officially by putting the clocks an hour forward and the weather is now the coldest it's been all week - oh the irony!

Initially we had a grey overcast start to the day with the weather trying to actually snow! But by midday everything had started to brighten up and whilst still cold and windy we had bright blue skies and sunshine.

We took, what is now our usual, walk out over the fields. It was cold and very blustery at times and it even tried to snow or hail at one point but we still managed a couple of miles in about 45 minutes. But yet again we were surprised by the number of people out walking and running; in fact we changed our intended direction a couple of times just to avoid people. And yet again why was it that it was me and Simon that had to leave the footpath and walk into fresh ploughed fields to ensure sufficient space between us and other walkers?!

I did pass comment though that whilst I will freely admit that we don't go out walking that often, despite being blessed with countryside on our doorstep, we have been out for a walk at the height of Summer and been able to walk these exact same routes and see no-one! So whilst it is great that people are recognising the need for exercise and fresh air it is equally as annoying when they choose to do it at the same time as us!

The rest of the day has been very much your quintessential lazy afternoon of doing some jigsaw (Disney themed of course) while Simon did some digital artwork.  Molly and Simon then 'went down the gym' the very on trend location of...'our garage' - lol!
From this... this - pretty decent progress made
Simon's artwork -
Ordinarily on a lazy day like this I would be worrying that I'd been wasting time and not getting enough out of my down time but whilst I suppose I could have found things to do it's not like anything that I need to get done is going anywhere any time soon. So whereas ordinarily I have a hard time of stopping and of just doing something that I want to do, and take time for myself, this Sunday I have been able to do just that and not feel guilty about it.

Oh and to round out my day and put a big smile on my face I was able to watch a premiere on YouTube from my favourite band White Lies, of a concert of theirs from 2009...and it was brilliant, so uplifting and reminded me how fortunate I was to get to see them live last year - twice! See my post from the beginning of this year to see photos of me with the band!!

And on that bright note I will say goodnight and see you tomorrow,

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