Friday, 27 March 2020

Day 9

Hello Day 9 and the last day of a working week!

Friday for me always signifies the end of the working week and time to get ready for a weekend off; of plans for going places, doing things or simply relaxing. So whilst this is all very different at the moment I think it's important to try and stick to that mindset and make the distinction between work days and days off.

In our house we have three of us that have been 'working from home'. Now Simon does this anyway as he has been very lucky to work from home for a number of years now, much preferable to the working away from home that we had to contend with for about 15 years or the long commutes 'down South'. Ethan is all set up now and seems to be getting on and managing his workload pretty well. I still have the admin side of pre-school work to keep me occupied and so that has helped to give an amount of focus to the day; my challenge has been to find moments to step away every now and then as I know I can easily get sucked into too much laptop time and the rabbit hole of social media!!

My morning consisted with the very important task of paying my team of girls at pre-school followed by some emails as I try and plan ahead for the coming weeks as I need to ensure that we can follow our governments guidelines for retaining staff and paying them while they are unable to work.

I then did some online food shopping...exciting stuff I know...actually ordering meat from an online butchers as an alternative to using my local supermarket. I can't get delivery until early May but thought you know what let's give this a go and who knows it may be a new way forward once all this current malarkey is sorted. Perhaps this may be one good thing to come out of all this, we may appreciate the smaller and independent businesses more and choose to go on supporting them after all of this.

Both Molly's karate and guitar lessons have now swapped to online and video versions and I think it's important for people to carry on supporting these types of small businesses wherever they can to try to ensure that businesses like this still have a future in a few months time.

It was another beautiful day again today, if a little chillier compared to the last couple of days, but we were able to get out for our usual walk over the fields next to where we live. A few other individuals were out and about but all at a good distance and on the way back we stopped in at the farm across from us to buy a dozen eggs.

I had great fun this afternoon doing a bit of Facebook Live for the Disney Dream Girls talking about some of my Disney collection and life in general. It was a very nice half hour of light relief and made me smile.

It is a weird situation that we all find ourselves in, we know that we are doing the right thing by staying home and not going out but at the same time that fights against everything we are used to do doing. We are only a few days into this and we need to find ways to cope with what whatever comes our way from the practicalities of shopping to simply getting through the days. Every part of me just wants to keep everyone safe and not have to venture out into the world but I know that over the next few days I will have to step out and that's going to be strange in itself; queuing to get into shops, keeping my distance from others, actually seeing other people, worrying that I 'might pick something up' is all rather unnerving and makes me wonder how we are all going to cope getting through this and how it will affect us all when we get to the other side!

Night all, see you tomorrow,

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