Friday, 20 March 2020

Day 2

OK Day 2...

Pretty normal start to the day, up at our usual time to see the eldest off out to work at 7.30am. After breakfast I jumped onto the laptop as I was aware from social media that more information had been published around which children would be entitled to some form of childcare.

This meant most of the morning spent emailing with staff and parents to ascertain just how many of our parents at pre-school this applied to and whether we could help or not. By late morning it became very apparent that the care needed could not be met by my pre-school. We are only a very small team and most of my staff have either themselves or people within their household that need protecting and this meant we could no longer offer a service to our parents. All of our parents have been extremely understanding and appreciate the predicament we find ourselves in. It would seem sensible to me that schools come together and find a way to support parents even if that means opening their doors to younger aged children. In our particular circumstances the children that need the care would be at school anyway in September so surely this would be just letting them start a bit earlier; it would help parents as well by only having one drop-off and collection to contend with. But hey, what do I know, I'm not the powers that be...only time will tell exactly what their plans are.

By late morning the eldest was home with a PC from work so that he can now safely work from home. My daughter works for a retail shop (a non-essential shoe shop) and is being told that her shift is still happening tomorrow...really? She's just been telling me that in the first 2 hours of being open today they have had 90 people through the doors, which while lower than normal is still to me bewildering. We have been told to social distance, to only go out for the should have shoes already...what are you buying and why? It's not like any of us are going on holiday and need new sandals or taking up a new sport and need what are you buying for?! It's beyond me it really is.

If we are social distancing then we are all doing it...not just those of us who feel like it...this is serious stuff folks...this is not the time to be out at pubs and restaurants and playgrounds and non-essential shops! Let's learn from other countries who have struggled to cope and act now not in a few days when it's more convenient!!

Lunchtime came around and Simon and I took a walk in the fresh air, a chance to get out the four walls and a chance for us to have chance to be just us. It was chilly and very windy but felt good.

The afternoon was a mixture of more back and forth with emails and catching up on other work bits and bobs before catching up with my fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle as we recorded our weekly Disney themed podcast. We had debated as to whether to record or not in the present circumstances but our wonderful listeners all agreed that we should carry on and try and spread a bit of Disney love.

It was great to catch up with Michelle and just have an hour or so where 'you know what' wasn't the centre of the conversation. It saddens me to think of the Disney parks around the world being empty, they are places of such joy, laughter, fun and friends that it just doesn't seem right that their doors are closed. We can only hope that when we get top side of this horrible virus that we all treat these places that we love with the care and reverence they deserve and appreciate all that they bring to our lives.

As the day has moved on, and with announcements from government that pubs, clubs. restaurants, cinemas and gyms are to close and reading more and more online about what a horrid, nasty virus this is I am wondering when the government will realise that we all just need to stop, batten down the hatches and ride this thing out. I have a daughter who is due to work tomorrow in a shoe shop...for goodness sake that is not essential. I don't want her to go...she feels obliged to go. It is not great money and she doesn't get that many hours work each week and while I understand that she wants to 'earn her keep' I'd rather she be fit and healthy than pick something up unnecessarily.

I am torn on so many things at the moment but all I want to do is make sure those around me are safe and healthy. If we keep ourselves safe and everyone else takes this situation seriously and does the same maybe we can stop this from being worse than it needs to be.

Take care, stay home and I'll see you tomorrow x

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