Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Day 7

Here we are on day 7 and we have another bright, beautiful, blue sky and sunny day...the world is smiling while the human race doesn't quite know what to do with itself.

Mental health gets talked about a lot at the moment along with speculation of what it will be like when we get to the other side of 'all of this'. We can only take one day at a time, tackle the challenges that each day brings and recognise that we are all different, that we will all handle this in different ways and that is okay...there is no instruction manual and we are all making this up as we go along. It's okay to be busy, it's okay to be lazy, it's okay to set yourself new challenges, it's okay to binge watch that TV show you've never gotten around to watching, it's okay to stay in your PJ's, it's okay to dress up smart, it's okay to let the kids watch more TV than normal, it's okay to talk openly to each other...whatever you do each day it's okay!

A good part of today was spent doing some more pre-school work and fielding some emails and phone calls. But I have found my brain wandering a bit today and wrestling with the enormity of what we are all going through. I am normally logged into Facebook most of the day and will dip into Twitter and probably get a news website up at some point or other but I can feel myself actively drawing away from these today. Today I just feel overwhelmed by it all and am trying to keep the noise out of my head but it's pretty hard to do.

Molly said to me earlier that she didn't know what to do today and she just wanted to be productive; it must be hard for her seeing me, her dad and brother all 'doing stuff' while she is having to occupy herself. But it's early days and I hope that as time goes by and we all start to adjust that we find ways to combat this, perhaps we will take an online course or try a new craft or read a book - the things that we ordinarily 'don't have time' to do! Let's look at the positives that could be gained out of an awful situation.

We had our usual walk out at lunchtime and yet again discovered a new path...although we did cut through a field that I'm not wholly convinced is a public footpath but as the signage is so bad we kind of made it up as we went along. We saw quite a few people out and about but everyone kept their distance, thankfully.

I am hoping that we have enough supplies to keep us going until my next shop that I have booked as a collection from my local supermarket. The collection is from lockers so should mean that I can avoid contact with others but I'm going to try and get future shops to be delivered although getting delivery slots is proving rather tricky; looking online today (25th March) the next available date was 14th April! But I really want to try and avoid physically going into a store. If I have to go out shopping I think I will try and use the smaller shops in the hope that they may not be so busy. I've heard mixed reports today with some supermarkets being really good and controlling how many people in a store at any one point and keeping everyone 2 metres apart and then other horror stories that are the complete opposite! I fear shopping bills maybe more expensive as I will not be able to go to multiple shops as I usually do to get the best deals plus the smaller shops are usually more expensive. I may also have to resort to ordering the essentials of high quality dark chocolate and red wine online!! Now that could get expensive! #realifeproblems

I know I jest but this could be highly problematic for those on low wages, self employed or whose job has just stopped and the future is so unsure. Not only are we all faced with the practicalities of getting food on the table but we are also faced with the financial impact of delayed wages or no wages or who knows what! I know the UK government are putting systems in place and I know that eventually it sounds like they may have something in the works for self employed people but all these systems need setting up and that is going to take a fair few weeks to sort and people still have to survive in the meantime.

On a more positive note while listening to Spotify today I decided to go old skool and listen to Prince...OMG I am loving listening to him everything from totally uplifting to down right sexy to heartbreaking. We have been long time Prince fans and after seeing him live back in 1988 we have seen him too many times to recall, we even took both kids to see him back in 2007 on what would turn out to be his last UK tour. In fact we saw him twice on this tour and the first time we had tickets for an after-show concert in a small club which was just astounding. So many happy memories.
Collection of tickets from all the various Prince concerts we have been to!
Souvenir from our last concer - 3121 tour
See you tomorrow

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