Saturday, 21 March 2020

Day 3

So Day 3 marks the first weekend of this social distancing situation and it all feels a bit weird.

Usually on a Saturday we take Molly to her guitar lesson and then go for a coffee just the two of us. Thankfully her music school have had the sense to cancel all lessons and instead they are going to put classes online. This did mean there was no rush to get out of bed this morning so we did manage a bit of a lie-in!

So after a very lazy start to the day I decided to place an online grocery shop...the earliest date I could get was the 6th April...really! If we all did as we normally did then there wouldn't be all the panic and ridiculous low levels of buying random things.

Our dilemma today was taking Molly to work this afternoon; she works in a shoe shop in one of our local shopping centres and had just a 4 hour shift to complete. I really don't understand why a shoe shop should remain really doesn't come under the banner of 'essential services'. Keep open the food shops, the chemists and maybe the banks but everything else just needs to stop now. Even Molly agrees and has said she's been waiting for the notice from head office that stores will close. I appreciate that these companies are worried from a business stand point but they have online shopping to help keep them going, plus government pledges of support and surely it's better to take the hit now and get this thing beat as quickly as we can; that won't happen if everyone is still under the illusion it's ok to go shopping!

All we hear all day long is news report after news report comparing the UK to Italy and how we are headed for the same sort of pattern of cases. Let's learn from that...please! Lock us down as much as possible and we might stand a chance otherwise this can only end one way and it scares me.

We did decide to brave a local supermarket this afternoon and managed to get a few things; had to make compromises on some things and there were other items we just couldn't get and yes toilet paper was one of those along with frozen vegetables - like I said random stuff!

The rest of the afternoon was spent at home. I was catching up on some pre-school work that I hadn't been able to complete yesterday and Simon took the time to do some work on the R2-D2 and mouse droid he is currently making...for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about both Simon and I are big Star Wars fans and as a result Simon has become rather good at making movie style props! So this afternoon he was sanding and filling in gaps with car body filler on the two models he is currently making, both of which he has 3D printed!
Works in progress
The only thing then left to do was to fetch Molly from work. Must admit I am relieved that she is now home and just keeping my fingers crossed that the company she works for has the common sense and decency to close their shops. I think retailers have a big part to play here because if they stay open they give licence to the public to carry on as normal but if they close the message will (hopefully) get through.

I understand the need for life to carry on as normally as possible and the concerns around the mental impact of social distancing but we need to realise that this is bigger than all that. We need to stop and think about this, and think about the damage that we could be doing by not stopping. You may get this awful virus and not even know you've had it but you could pass it on to a child who might pass it onto a parent who then might pass it on to the elderly relative who already struggles with a medical condition as it is and they might not be able to fight this virus and they might not make it...all because you didn't stay at home.

It's scary...I get it...I'm scared, and anxious, and worried and concerned about people I love and care about but if we all pull together and do as we are told then maybe we stand a chance of giving our amazing NHS the time to deal with it and save as many people as we can.

I am now going to escape reality for a short time and settle down in front of the TV, with a glass of red wine, some high quality dark chocolate and my family...must be time for RuPaul's Drag Race; my favourite!

See you tomorrow

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