Monday, 23 March 2020

Day 5

Here we are on just Day 5...

Simon and I are extremely fortunate to only work a four day week in thanks to very understanding employers and today would be our usual day not working. We would normally take the chance to perhaps go out for the day, or perhaps a bit of retail therapy or simply just go out for a nice coffee somewhere. Now obviously none of this has happened today because we have been doing as we have been told and staying at home!

But we very much wanted to make sure that we still had a day off work (although I will confess to the odd checking of work emails!!). Ordinarily on a Monday my eldest would be dashing out the door at 7.30am to catch a bus into work and perhaps Molly might be working a shift at some point but today none of that was happening. Molly's shop has closed its doors and Ethan is now working from home, so the plus side to this meant no rushing to get up at silly o'clock and that the day could all start a little more sedated than usual.

Simon has spent a chunk of the day completing some more work on his R2D2; more filling and sanding. He also managed to give the walls in our garage a lick of paint as this is now our home gym. Although we are members of a local gym Simon decided about 10 days ago to buy some equipment ahead of what we all knew was to going to be happening so that kit  plus my kettle bells and bands, along with some old dumbells and Molly's pull-up bar and we have a pretty nifty set-up. Today Simon has even managed to sort out some old speakers hooked up to an old ipod so we can have music while we workout!

I have spent some time researching the local footpaths and bridleways near us and have been extremely disappointed in the lack of information out there. My parish council website had no information what so ever. My local borough council actually had a list of all the different walks with links to information for each one; the only problem being that each link was to a 'pdf' of a paper leaflet. This meant poor reproduction of the information, quite grainy and a much over detailed map that was produced way too small. But what made me laugh the most was reading the directions for one of the walks which advised the walker to go past the village hall, hospice and the petrol station...mmm...slight problem we haven't had a petrol station in our village for at least 15 years if not longer. I think our daily walks will be made up as we go along!

We decided to venture out on a walk and this time Simon used the Strava app on his phone to record where we walked and how far. We followed the same route as yesterday and recorded a 3.9 mile walk in just over an hour and a half; up and over fields some more muddy than others...think I'll be feeling it in my glutes tomorrow. I was then able to compare our route with what I could find online and managed to recognise a little of where we went and think we probably crossed over two designated be fair the markings on the gates and stiles left a lot to be desired.

Molly usually attends karate on a Monday evening and tonight was no different except she has been doing it from the comfort of our living room. Her teacher is putting all classes online so the pupils can keep up with their classes which will hopefully mean that people keep supporting the group financially so when this is all over they can re-open and carry on. Only slight issue was that I became involved when my shoulders were required for leg goodness Molly has boney ankles!!

Molly's guitar lessons are also going online from this week and she may even get extra bits of video as well to supplement her usual weekly lesson. I am so admiring the fortitude of these small businesses to keep on going and I will support them as much as I can.

I think as the days, weeks and probably months go by it is going to be extremely important that we all find ways to get through this all. Daft things like doing my hair and make-up on a morning, dressing smart every now and then, finding time for Simon and I just to have our own space I think are going to all help keep some normality and pride about how our lives continue.

This is all very new and we don't know how long this will go on for and what life will be like when we get to the other side. I have already warned Simon that if we are still living like this by the time we get to the end of Summer then the Christmas decorations will be out very, very early this year!!

See you tomorrow xx

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