Friday, 29 July 2022

Day 862

Day 862...

We were back to a slightly grey start to the day again today but we headed out and completed our usual 1.9 miles in 38 minutes. We did have a little stop part way around as we bumped into one of the 'mum's from school' from when Molly attended primary school many years ago and she wanted to know how Molly was doing?!!

The rest of my day was pretty quiet but at the same time relatively productive. I managed to get caught up on a couple of small jobs as well as the joy of the ironing pile. I also ventured into the garden shed to sort boxes...yes you read that correct...boxes! As we know we're going to have a fair amount of 'stuff' from my dads house to store here with us, and we know that some of that 'stuff' will eventually be sold on, we have been saving any box and packaging that could be useful. But as a result everything had been thrown into the shed and so it all needed sorting so that we have more room for storing more boxes!  I even battled with a very scary looking spider that was a little too active for my liking. In fact as soon as I saw it move inside a box the box quickly found its way outside the shed and strewn on the path. But I was brave and poked at the box and only picked it up again after I spotted the spider crawl out and hide itself between the paving slabs!!

After lunch I decided to make the most of the dry weather and got the weedkiller out! We had a few very nasty, spikey looking weeds that needed dealing with and so I mixed up some weedkiller and got spraying. A very satisfying job and I now look forward to seeing all the weeds shrivel up and die over the next few days!

I then carried on with what has turned into my kitchen cupboard cleaning project. I had a few cupboards that just needed a general clean and one cupboard that I decided was in need of a clear out. There were a number of serving bowls and dishes that haven't been used in ages and don't actually fit in with our other crockery and so I decided it was time to let them go. Some in fact were items that we bought way back in 1988 before we got married and probably before we'd even bought our first house, and we were buying things ready to 'set up home'! Fair to say that I think we've had our monies worth!

I then took a little time out to watch one of my favourite TV programs. I don't have that many shows that only I like to watch but I have always been fascinated with family trees and have always watched 'Who Do You Think You Are'. Realising that a few new epsiodes had recently been released I'm catching up with them when I get a spare few minutes. I'd love to see some of the American versions but tracking them down here in the UK is a little bit of a challenge!

It was then time to head down our gym for a weights workout. Simon is making great strides with his routine and although he may not be lifting the weight he was a few weeks back he's now able to carry out all the different movements. It's just a matter of time before he'll be back to where he was. I've been looking up lots of different exercises online in an effort to try new things, have new routines and just mix things up a bit. This is proving a great way to re-invigorate my interest in exercise and I am really enjoying finding new ways of moving weights and my body.

And that was Friday, I will see you tomorrow.

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