Sunday, 3 July 2022

Day 836

Day 836...

It has been a quiet Sunday and one where my mood has been undecided at best. I have spent the day with a feeling of not knowing what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go coupled with a sense of needing to know those things and being angry with myself because I didn't! Round and round in circles and with no real progress made.

So the day plodded on. A steady start to the day meant after coffee we headed out to collect the grocery shopping. Back home and with everything put away we decided on a walk to blow the cobwebs away and in the hope my mood would be lifted.

We tried an alternate route today to gauge the distance and length of time to see whether it would work as one of our early morning walks. We went for 2.8 miles in 56 minutes which was a little longer than I'd thought it might be. But it will work as a route for a morning when Simon is not working.

But the walk did mean we'd worked up an appetite for our Sunday brunch/lunch and then just as we were debating what to do next I had a phone call from my brother. He needed to borrow my keys to my dads house as he'd forgotten his and he was there today for a spot of cleaning inside.

The afternoon then took a quiet and slow pace. Simon was working on updating his laptop and continuing with his latest artwork and so I continued with my paperwork re-organisation that I'd started over the last couple of days. I also managed to create a little content for the Disney Dream Girls podcast blog.

And that was Sunday...nothing of any importance and a day of feeling 'meh'!

See you tomorrow.

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