Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Day 859

Day 859...

It was a rather grey, and much cooler than of late, start to the day but that didn't stop us getting out for our regular early morning walk. I'm quite impressed with myself that I am able to step out in shorts and t-shirt when I know previously I would have been wrapped in jeans and a hoodie. Just goes to show how being exposed to different weather conditions on a regular basis can cause your body, and mental capacity, to adapt. I even find myself craving the fresh air and being outside which is completely opposite to how I have been in the past...I think (and hope) this new lifestyle is working well for me. But anyway out we went and it was just a quick walk of 1.9 miles in 37 minutes as today was a working day for Simon and we needed to be home in time for his work day to start.

My morning was relatively slow and quiet. I had a few rounds of laundry to catch-up with and a much needed trip to Lidl to stock up on fresh foods. As our diet is predominately low carb/keto our meals consist mainly of a protein source plus green veggies or salad and so regular shopping trips are needed to keep us stocked up on those fresh items. One bonus of no longer working means that fitting in a quick shop is so much easier as I can shop at a time that suits me, on a day that suits and I can fit in smaller shops more often to ensure foods don't spoil. Plus with prices on the rise as they are I am finding that I am favouring the likes of Lidl much more than I ever have before because their prices can be significantly cheaper for some items than the bigger supermarkets.

After lunch I finally gave in and did a task that I'd been putting off...Simon's tax return! Not the most exciting of jobs but obviously one that had to be done. Here in the UK tax returns are only completed if you are requested to do so by the tax office or you have self employed earnings. Because Simon has a small income that's generated through his art commissions each year it means that we now have to complete a 'self assessment tax return' each year. Plus once you're in the system it means that there is no escaping completing it whether you have any self employed earnings or not.

While it's great that it can be done online it can be a bit of a long process as it involves collating figures and making sure that all the right questions are answered and the right numbers are put into the right boxes. And like anything that involves an official form there is that element of double checking everything so that you can, hopefully, avoid any errors. The tax year ended in April and the tax office do have a lengthy window of time for returns to be completed, with the first deadline being the end of December and a final deadline of the end of January. So I've managed to get it all completed in plenty of time and now it's a case of figuring out when they need paying and how much. I'm hoping that any tax owed can be paid through our normal tax code system rather than having to make a one-off payment, but we will need to wait a few days for their final workings to come through.

And the end of my day was rounded out with a workout. While Simon jumped on the exercise bike I headed down 'our gym' to complete a few body weight exercises; push-ups, tricep push ups, mountain climbers, hip thrusters, squats, sumo squats and lunges. I also then did a few goblet squats and then targeted my upper arms and shoulders with a few dumbbell exercises. 

When I first went low carb back in 2014 I would complete a set of body weight exercises twice a day; a mix of planks, lunges, squats and push-ups. I managed to keep it up for probably a couple of years, if not longer, but as time went by it dropped to once a day and then we rediscovered going to a local gym and so my workouts were kept to when we went to the gym. No excuses but the routine simply slipped and changed, but now I want to get back into doing a little more than I have been. I am enjoying the morning walks and feel that they are both good for my body physically but also mentally as they give chance for Simon and I to connect on a daily basis and there is just something about being in the fresh air that can lift your spirits. On a normal week we will probably go down 'the gym' twice and then Simon will jump on the exercise bike perhaps three times. I want to make sure that on those days when Simon is on the exercise bike that I make the effort to do something myself whether that be body weight movements or more weights...no point moaning about the shape (or lack thereof) of parts of my body if I'm not doing anything about it! 

So new things going forward - more exercise and cold showers (I'm now up to 1 minute and 30 seconds!).

See you tomorrow.

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