Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Day 860

Day 860...

A much brighter start to the day today and we seemed to storm our way around our 1.9 mile walk in just 36 minutes.

It was another relatively quiet day with Simon at work while I pottered around the house. There were a few cleaning jobs that I wanted to get done this morning one of which involved trying to get the hoover to work correctly. For some reason the brushes aren't spinning and no amount of me poking and prodding could get them to work!

After lunch I headed to my dads house as I needed to disconnect the router and send it back to the provider, Sky. According to the text messages I'd received there should have been some packaging waiting for me in which to return the aforementioned router but there was not. So I bundled it up and brought it home with me to try and figure out what to do with it.

After searching around Sky's website I finally found the information I needed and was able to simply package up the router and then arrange for it to be collected from my address tomorrow morning. I haven't even had to print a label as apparently the Royal Mail will do that for me. Fingers crossed it all works out as promised!

And the end of the day saw Simon and I down our gym for a weights workout. Simon is doing really well following his broken wrist and is now able to do pull-ups and move some heavier weights which this time last week he would have struggled with. Just goes to prove the best medicine is to get moving, listen to your body and do as much as you feel you can while being careful not to push too far.

See you tomorrow.

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