Saturday, 2 July 2022

Day 835

Day 835...

The morning after another nights rubbish sleep...I think all the gardening this past week is catching up with me and I couldn't get comfy at all!

So we had a little later than normal start to the day but we still took one of our usual walks managing 2.3 miles in 46 minutes.

The first task of the day was to complete my online grocery shopping that's due to be collected tomorrow. Ethan has decided to take packed lunches to work, as I think making use of the many food options on offer in Nottingham is starting to get a tad expensive, and so he wanted to choose some bits and pieces to add to the shopping this week. I did my best to get him to avoid the carbs, or at least too many of them!

After lunch/brunch Simon was busy getting his laptop up and working again so that he can start back with some 3D printing...he has a few ideas for his next build or builds! He also spent some time working on his latest piece of digital art. I decided that I'd best get sorting all the paperwork that I'd moved from one cupboard into our new study/craft room as the room will be used as our guest bedroom at the end of the week as Molly and Dan are popping up for a visit.

By the end of the afternoon I'd created two bags of paper rubbish (most of which I'd shredded) and cleared out seven lever arch files. And all the stuff that I need to keep is now neatly filed away in my new filing cabinet.

And with that, there was my not very exciting Saturday, roll on tomorrow.

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