Monday, 6 June 2022

Day 809

Day 809...

Our Monday morning started with coffee followed by a 2.5 mile walk in 46 minutes - boom!

It was then off to Asda to collect this weeks grocery shopping before returning home for an online doctors appointment. I've been menopausal for a number of years now and had been recommended a doctor who specialises in treating women with the menopause to see if she could help with night sweats and consequently broken nights sleep.

Having been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer in 2019 I have been reluctant to go down the route of hormone treatments because of the link between them and breast cancer. Estrogen therapy for menopause symptoms can be problematic for women who have had, or may be at risk of, breast cancer so I need to be careful which treatments, if any, I pursue. But it was lovely to chat with a doctor who had the time to talk and explain and offer solutions; a plan has been put in place and we will see how we get on over the next few weeks.

After a spot of lunch (or very late breakfast as it was our first meal of the day) we decided to go on another walk but this time we drove to a local country park...Elvaston Castle. This resulted in a walk of 3.5 miles in an hour and fourteen minutes; suffice to say I have exceed my 10,000 steps today!

Back home and we decided to have a bit of a workout; while I stayed indoors to do some body-weight exercises Simon ventured outdoors to 'our gym'. But he'd not been out there all that long when he came back in rather annoyed with himself. He'd decided to do some sprints up and down the short lane to our house and had slipped on some wet leaves and moss and had fallen over. Although there were no cuts or grazes his left wrist had taken the brunt of the fall and was feeling a little tender! He'd attempted to carry on with his workout but his wrist was having none of it so the workout was cut short and the rest of the evening was spent keeping his wrist elevated and alternating between icing it and wrapping it in a support bandage. We are hoping that it is just badly bruised or maybe sprained as he is able to move all his fingers and there are no obvious or unusual lumps or bumps. We will see how it goes overnight and  if it's no better tomorrow it may need a trip to A&E!

We shall wait and see...see you tomorrow.

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