Friday, 3 June 2022

Day 806

Day 806...

Friday and another bank holiday! And another day that started with an early morning walk of 2.3 miles over the fields, and a few hills, in 44 minutes.

This morning saw Simon busy in the garage making a wood plinth to go underneath a freestanding mirror that we have in the bedroom that is just a bit too low. I was able to get the mountain of ironing completed and then had some time to try out some make-up for my Star Wars cosplay.

Having got back into uniform last weekend I'd decided that the make-up that I use to create the character needed a bit of a revamp. As we have another troop ahead of us this coming Sunday I wanted to have a practice run through of my make-up to see if I could create the look I wanted. I was pretty happy with what I did and feel a lot more confident about the look going forward.

This afternoon I enjoyed a little time sat outside enjoying the sunshine and the warmth, which was a nice surprise as the forecast had been for rain. I was also able to get a little research done ahead of podcast recording this evening.

But before that I decided to get a little gym workout in. I concentrated on getting my daily planks completed along with a few body weight exercises before heading outside to our gym to lift a few weights around. I will admit that today's workout felt a little hard going although I'm not really sure why.

The end of the day was spent chatting with my podcast co-host Michelle as we recorded an episode of the Disney Dream Girls for this Sunday's release along with a special show for our Patreon subscribers.

And that was Friday, see you tomorrow.

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