Thursday, 9 June 2022

Day 812

Day 812...

Our day started, as is the norm at the moment, with an early morning walk. We completed 2.4 miles in 44 minutes and were back home before 9am.

After a quick tidy and clean around I was out the door to nip to Lidl for a few bits and pieces; I always try and coincide my Lidl shop with their weekly release of vouchers just in case there's anything I can make use of!!

My day then consisted of a few household tasks broken up with more cataloguing of items from my mum and dads house. It is taking me much longer than I'd initially thought as trying to research what the items are is so time consuming. I am getting there but there is still much more to do.

Half way through the day I received a call from our local coroners office to advise me that we now have a date for the inquest into my dad's death. Thankfully because the evidence is all straight forward we have been able to go for a 'fast track inquest' which means that in a couple of weeks time we will be able to draw a line and bring some closure to my dads passing.

Yesterday evening in lieu of our normal gym session we had instead opted for taking an evening walk, and while the walk itself was fine it had triggered Simon's hayfever for the first time proper this year. He was left with very sore and irritated eyes which resulted in one of his contact lenses 'getting lost' in his eye...thankfully he was able to retrieve it after numerous attempts but it left his eye feeling even worse. So tonight we decided against a walk and instead Simon gave the exercise bike a try; he wasn't sure how it would feel with one arm in a cast but he managed exactly what he would have done normally. While Simon cycled I focused on some body-weight exercises instead.

And I think that is where I will leave it for today, see you tomorrow.

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