Sunday, 2 September 2012

Running Update

So yesterday saw me embark on my last run of week 6 of C25K - a 25 minute non-stop run!!

Well I'm pleased to report that I did it, yes I actually did it....I think I've even surprised myself.  The first two runs of the week had been the usual combination of running and walking culminating in a third run of 25 minutes.

Now thankfully the route that I've picked near where I live is fairly flat but when it came to run two this week I thought I'd mix it up a bit and deviate off my usual route....trouble was this meant a bit of an incline to start the run off with and boy did that make a difference.  Lesson learnt stick to the route that you know and can manage before trying to be clever, I still managed the run but did find it more difficult than I would have liked.

Also different this week was that due to a day out with the girls on Friday meant that I had 2 days rest between run two and three and I did wonder whether this would have any effect, but I'm glad to report that it didn't and I ache as much as I expected I would :).  Have to admit that my knees are feeling it the worst but I have been pleasantly surprised with how my recovery time has been steadily improving after each run.

Now back when I started this blog and wrote my page all about jogging I happened to mention that I had the six weeks summer break from school to have a really good go at this running week one of the summer break I started on week one of C25K and as I write now we are at the final weekend of the summer break and I have just completed week 6, I have achieved exactly what I set out to achieve and am really proud of myself, the next challenge is to keep it going - wish me luck!

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