Saturday, 8 September 2012

Running Week 7 Update

Well this week saw the return to work and school....back to normality after six weeks of going with the flow.  Now as I said last week my aim had been to make a concerted effort to tackle the C25K program over the summer holidays; no excuses, nothing to get in the way of me getting out and getting fit, and after six weeks I had achieved exactly what I set out to achieve and completed the first six weeks of C25K...but can I keep it going?

Well I'm pleased to report that week one back at work has seen me stick to my routine and complete week 7 of C25K.  That's three runs of 25 minutes each....not easy by any stretch but I did it.  I have to admit that there were plenty of times I felt like stopping but I managed to persevere and push on through, it hasn't been easy but the sense of achievement is fantastic.

I know I am fitter than I was 7 weeks ago and although my knees feel sore I am glad that I have made the effort, but I also know that my next challenge is to keep it going.  I already know that over the next couple of weeks I have other things happening on my usual run nights so I am going to have to swap and change my routine to fit everything in.....what will happen? Can I stick to the program?

I'll let you know.....

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