Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Attraction & Dilemma of WDW, from a UK Perspective!

It's an annual dilemma for most, where shall we go for our vacation this year?  Friends will contemplate which country to visit, where they can afford to go, when and with whom!

Whereas for me it's easy, in fact it's a no brainer, I can answer without hesitation, or deviation, and say WDW every time.

I think my friends now accept this is always going to be my preference but I know for a while I was looked upon as a little strange.  After all, why did I want to visit the same place not just once or twice or even a third time but time and time again?

Now I have to admit that as the years have gone by my choice has include Disneyland Resort Paris and Disneyland and I am still trying to figure out how to get to Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea....but do you see a theme?

And in all fairness even the years when we ventured to other Disney resorts my heart was at WDW; comparing parks, attractions, rides, weather, food and queues.  However, living in the UK does have one big obstacle to visiting WDW as often as I would like.....the Atlantic Ocean!

Also over the years life kinda got in the way what with career changes, house moves and oh yes, the arrival of 2 children, all forced a vacation re-think and for a number of years we enjoyed the closeness of DLRP (that's Disneyland Resort Paris, for you Muggles!). 

Having the children in particular has had a big effect; vacations become a lot more expensive, not just the getting there but all the extras whilst on vacation, then there's when to go, as school has to be taken into consideration and couple all that with a 9 hour transatlantic flight and any sane person will tell you that your choice of vacation destination has to be well considered and well thought out.  So there was a period when we waited till our youngest was 3-and-a-half before we ventured to WDW, this meant a gap of 8 years between visits and a lot of visits to DLRP instead.

Now don't get me wrong DLRP is great but it's not quite WDW or Disneyland, and to be honest, as the years have gone by visiting DLRP for a 3 or 4 night stay has not been an option purely from a value for money point of view.  Visiting the US for a longer period (usually 2 weeks for us Brits) although expensive, is waaaay better value for money.  It may come as a shock but, for someone from the UK, visiting Paris is three times more expensive per night, than a visit to Florida!

In addition, the weather is far better, and Disney just feels better or 'right' in the US.  I'd always thought I could satisfy my Disney fix by taking a trip to DLRP in between visits to WDW but the expense eats too much into our savings for the 'main event'.  So despite my desire to visit WDW at least once every year I have to be happy with every 2 or 3 years - money, school and work allowing.

That said, it does make our trips to WDW far more special and memorable, and it does mean that there is more new stuff to see and experience every time.

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