Friday, 14 September 2012

The Arachnophobe's Guide to WDW

So here in the UK it's early September and everything's starting to get a little Autumnal....misty mornings...slight chill in the air....leaves changing colours....all lovely....except for the influx of spiders!!!

Last year when we returned from our WDW trip we opened the front door and the house had been overtaken by spiders and their webs.  There is a lovely children's book called 'Aaaarrgghh Spider' and I think our house resembled the last picture in that is Simon's interpretation of the scene we were greeted with, courtesy of 365 Mickeys;
'Welcome Home'
Now I confess I don't like spiders much....if at all, if I'm honest.  I have got better over the years, I used to scream and cower at the smallest of things but I can now deal with the small and even the medium sized ones but the big ones with long!

The advantage to living where we do is that we are close to two major cities, good road links, easy reach of lots of interesting places all with the bonus of living in a rural village, the disadvantage is countryside equals large horrible spiders!  Simon is really good he will pick them up, or use a glass and piece of paper, and throw them outside.  I on the other hand will scream and run away.  I have been known, when on my own and no knight in shining armour to save me (Simon - that's you!!), to stop what I'm doing, leave the room in which said spider has been seen and then purposefully close the door behind me, because as everyone knows closing the door will stop the spider from following me - see what I'm like!!  A grown woman and still scared of spiders (but only the big, hairy, long legged, mean looking ones!).

So faced with a rather large spider this morning who was blocking my way to the shower I had to 'man-up' and drop a rather heavy book on his head.....I know that's perhaps not the politically correct thing to do but it was either me or him!!!  But this got me thinking are there any Disney experiences that I either avoid or participate in with a degree of cautiousness?  So here's my list of attractions that need a health warning for those of us who just don't do creepy crawlies:

  • Honey I Shrunk The Audience (Epcot) - my problem with this attraction is the '4-D' element, more specifically the mice related section, suffice to say I always sit with my feet well and truly off the floor.
  • It's Tough to be a Bug (Animal Kingdom) - I really like this attraction, despite my jumping out of my seat more than once, so my health warning would be 'bugs can get anywhere, so be prepared!'
  • Stitch's Great Escape (and it's predecessor - ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter) (Magic Kingdom) - Now my confession here is that I have never experienced either of these attractions, for me the thought of being 'held in place' and not knowing what is happening around me has never appealed.
  • The Great Movie Ride (well the Alien section anyway!) (Disney's Hollywood Studios) - OK so this one is a bit of a stretch, but I really don't like the Alien films, I appreciate that cinematically they are great films (Simon assures me so!), but that Alien is just a bit too close to 'insect likeness' for my tastes. Still doesn't stop The Great Movie Ride being one of my all time favourites at WDW - what a conundrum I am!

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