Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Disney in my Life

So just how does Disney fit into my everyday life?

The easiest, and as anyone who knows me will tell you, the most obvious, are through three things - clothes, jewellery and tattoos!

ClothesI think its fair to say I have a few t-shirts and tops that tend to get worn on a fairly regular basis.....OK I have 20 at the last count - and then there are the pyjamas, scarves, 3 hoodies and hats I could mention.  I love Disney Couture for both the clothing and the jewellery as it tends to steer away from the more traditional designs, such that on more than one occasion friends have been surprised to realise that the top I'm wearing is in fact Disney!

Jewellery - Everyday I always wear a bit of Disney jewellery.  I have my D23 watch that I alternate with a bling Mickey watch.  Most days I wear Disney earrings (mostly Mickey ones) and sometimes a matching necklace.  I have a lovely bling bracelet that I actually own three of - the first was bought in Disneyland and was probably worn constantly for nearly a year until the elastic gave out (I am determined to sit down and repair it one day!), the other two were bought last year and I deliberately bought two just in case the elastic went again....but so far so good, although I have lost a small stone out of one of them.  

I also wear a ring that has five Mickey's in it that I try to wear most days as it has special sentiment for me which I shall go into another time!  I also own a lovely burgundy coloured rose ring that although not strictly a Disney ring was bought in the souvenir shop at The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco so I always think of it as Disney inspired....perhaps something that a classic princess would have worn?

Tattoos - I have three and all of them have Mickey's in them but I'll talk more about these in another post.

And I suppose I should mention my mobile phone case, my ring tone and the antenna toppers for the cars and my PC wallpaper......

But then don't get me started about the pins, the vinylmations, the key-rings, the books, the figurines, the kitchen accessories, the CD's, the plush toys, the DVD's & Blu-rays, the pictures and posters, the mugs, the Christmas decorations, the magazines, 365 Mickeys, handbags and purses and of course my 'Mickey-ccino' most mornings.....are you getting the picture?  

We have so much to talk about.......

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