Saturday, 30 August 2014

WDW Summer 2013 - All Over

So this is the final post in my diary of events recalling our visit to Walt Disney World in the Summer of 2013.

Our final day, or our day travelling home, was spent saying goodbye to the Wilderness Lodge; we had breakfast one last time sitting out in the sunshine and vowing that if we could afford it in the future this resort would be top of our list!

We made our way to Downtown Disney to take advantage of the airline check-in desk there (we were with Virgin Atlantic), before doing some last minute shopping, having lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express and then watching Monsters University at the cinema.

Then the airport beckoned and so began the long trek home; 9 hour flight followed by a 3 hour car journey.

So the vacation was over, and although we don't know when we will be able to visit again, we do have some fantastic memories to keep us going.  This vacation more than any other wasn't just about the parks it was all about the experiences we had and the people we met and the new friendships was about the Disney Magic.

As I write this post I have friends waiting to return home from their first family vacation to Orlando; they have had a fantastic time and are vowing to start the big save and head back in 2016.  That's how this place gets you; it leaves you with an indescribable feeling and an urge to return as soon as possible.  Not visiting this year has been tough with so many people I know able to make it. But I have enjoyed seeing the photos and the Facebook status updates, and yes there's even been a touch of jealousy on occasion but I know we will be back...maybe not soon but we will get back 'home' someday.

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