Monday, 2 December 2013

Nativity Rehearsals

Thought I would do a little diary entry in this run up to what has today brought?

Well it's been kind of an ordinary sort of day.  It was work as normal although it was filled with Christmas music and Christmas concert rehearsals.

We have decided to do a fairly traditional Nativity this year with a few familiar Christmas songs thrown in at the end for good measure.  So we have been casting roles and deciding on 'stage' layouts - OK so it's not an actual stage just a large floor space but we can dream!  And tomorrow we attempt our first run through with narration; so far we have just been learning the songs.  Next it will be convincing the children that they do want to 'be a sheep' or 'how about a snowman'!!

I do know that the staff know the songs as they all seemed to be singing them as we left for the day...although I don't think they realised they were singing them...

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