Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A little Christmas Shopping

Another day of work that was finished off with a little Christmas shopping.

My daughter wanted to buy some gifts for her friends so off we went into our local town centre in search of presents for teenage girls!!  Thankfully she had an idea of what she wanted to buy them so it was a lot less of a painful experience than I was expecting.

Our next stop was to buy her a Christmas jumper...when we got to the shop there was hardly any left but of those that were there was thankfully the one she had wanted - phew!  I had bought myself a Christmas jumper a couple of weeks ago...with a Disney twist of course!!
Festive Minnie Mouse with a touch of bling
And when we got home we discovered a Christmas Tree waiting for us in our garage; courtesy of my lovely Dad who every year fetches a tree for me :)  Just got to decide when to put it up and decorate it Disney style!

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