Tuesday, 13 August 2013


7...days to go!

Well what has today brought..well it's been another quiet day.

I have been catching up on some work related jobs because when we return from our vacation I will be straight back into work the following day!  So I have been getting a few odds and ends sorted just so that first day back can be as smooth as possible.

The other achievement of today has been to sort the matter of the missing dollars!  Now the company I had ordered them from were brilliant they called me back this morning at exactly the time they said they would and were very understanding of the whole situation and promised that I would not be liable for the missing money.  However, they had not been able to find out anymore information from Royal Mail and that nothing could happen until the signature of the receiving party had been tracked down.

Worried that I wouldn't have any dollars for my vacation I decided to place another order this morning.

At 12.45pm I had a knock at the door, and opened it to find my postman with a 'missed delivery card'.  To cut a long story short the original delivery had gone to a similar address in the next village along, but as the occupants weren't in a 'missed delivery card' had been left.  Today the occupants had took the 'missed delivery card' to our local post office who thankfully were doing their job correctly and realised that the delivery did not belong to them!  They then let my postman know about the mix-up and he very kindly came out of his way to drop the 'missed delivery card' off with me.

I then went to the post office and collected the package, quickly tore it open and was very happy to see dollars inside...the only problem now is that I'm due another delivery of dollars tomorrow and so will have double the amount I need - argh!!  Oh well that's a problem for tomorrow to solve!

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