Wednesday, 14 August 2013


6...days to go!

So today saw the conclusion to the on going saga with my dollars.  Sure enough this morning I received the order that I had placed yesterday and now no longer require as my original order had eventually turned up yesterday afternoon!

So after a phone call to the company supplying the dollars I was given instructions as to how to return the second order which meant a trip out to my local post office - again!  The lady at the counter recognised me from yesterday and we had a good laugh about the whole situation.  Hopefully everything is now sorted and I can rest easy and start putting dollars into my 'mousekeeping' envelopes.

Talking of 'mousekeeping' envelopes I had some stickers arrive today that will suitably 'bling up' the envelopes...another job to do but a fun easy one.

I have spent the day with my excel planning spreadsheet open and adding things to it as I thought about them.  Mainly just practical stuff like things not to forget to take with the 'mousekeeping' envelopes!

Other than that today has been getting more jobs done around the house, keeping on top of the washing and ironing and confiscating any clothes for the vacation so I don't have to wash them again!

I took my daughter out today to buy a new pair of trainers; we'd ordered some off a well known shopping website at the end of July and they still hadn't been despatched so we'd decided to cancel the order and go shopping today.  Thankfully we had a successful shopping trip as we have a really good sports shop close by!

My daughter is now busy sorting out which pieces of jewellery to take with her...she is 12 years old...don't know where she get's it from!

We also had a bit of a girly night last night sorting our nails out; getting rid of old polish and filing and shaping. So the next dilemma is what colour nail varnish...

Decisions, least I'm down to a choice of three my daughter has at least half a dozen bottles lined up to choose from! Wish me luck!

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