Friday, 16 August 2013


4...days to go!

It's getting closer...and my mind is now in overdrive.  The excel spreadsheet on my laptop is open all the time so that I can note down things to pack, jobs that need doing or new items to our itinerary.

Speaking of which we have today received confirmation that Simon and I will be parasailing this time next week at the Sammy Duvall's Watersport Centre at Disney's Contemporary Resort.  I have to admit that I am both excited and nervous but really looking forward to it, something neither of us have ever done before so it'll definitely be something to remember.

The day started off though with a visit to the hairdressers for my daughter; nothing major just a good cut to get it all neat and smart.  I even had a little trim off my fringe...even though I'd had it cut last week I just knew my fringe wouldn't last till after the vacation so took advantage of being at the hairdressers to have a little more removed!

This afternoon has seen me getting together everything we need to take with us; the toiletries, the clothes, the raincoats, make-up etc etc. So hopefully when we do the packing in a day or so everything will be ready to just go in the bags.  And a first for this vacation has seen me pack my running gear...something I never ever thought I would be doing for a vacation.

We have just rounded the day off with a quick trip to a local sports shop to take advantage of knocked down prices on surf shoes so we are now all kitted out ready to hit the water parks.  And as both Simon and our eldest, who has been working for Simon's company this summer, officially finished work at 6.00pm this evening we thought what better way to start the vacation than a visit to McDonalds - we know how to live ;)

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